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Become a VIP or Donor and earn unique features while supporting our community
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VIP’s & Donors

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VIP’s & Donors:


Donations help us keep our servers and forums alive, with your support we are able to provide the gaming experience that you wish for, while enjoying our Donors & VIP’s system where we can provide you with unique features as a way of appreciation to your help and support.

How I can become a Donor / VIP:

Donations start with only 1€, as soon as your donation is made you will be granted the Donor Badge with so many unique features in both our community servers and forums.
After donations reach 15€ in total, you will be awarded the VIP Badge that will give you even more features in-game and forums, and you can keep your VIP for only 3€ a month!!
If you want to become VIP right now, you can donate 5€ and enjoy a whole month of VIP features.

VIP’s Features List:

everything in Donor’s Features List as well as:
1- Immunity in the server (Admins/Staff cannot ban kick slap or slay a VIP)
2- Will get the VIP Expert Badge
  • • Free nades each round. (HE,2FB)
    • Free Armor+Helm
    • You Get 400$ per kill and 500$ per HS
    • You Get 5HP per kill and 10HP per HS
    • You See bullet damage at real time.
    • Write /vips and you will see VIP's online.
    • You can use Admin Chat
    • Slot reservation
    From the 3rd round you will begin to see menu:
    1.Get Free M4K1 and Deagle+HE
    2.Get Free AK47 and Deagle+HE
    3.Get Free AWP and Deagle+HE

4- Will have the ability to register 2 nicknames in the server with the same password and features (or maybe share the 2nd nickname with a loved one!!)
5- VIP’s in BF2 server will have the opportunity to choose a badge to be awarded to them, check out our Bf2Rank

Donor’s Feature List:

1. Reserved Slots: Provide VIP's/Donors with reserved slots on the server, allowing them to join even if the server is full. This ensures they can always access the server without waiting.
2. Donor Access: Grant VIP's/Donors VIP status, which include exclusive privileges such as access to special commands, additional customization options, or unique in-game features.
3. Chat Colors or Tags: Allow VIP's/Donors to have a distinct chat color or special tags next to their names, making them stand out in conversations and showing their support in both server and forum.
4. Community Recognition: Highlight VIP's/Donors on our server's website, forums, or social media channels to publicly acknowledge their support and showcase their contributions to the community.
5. Early Access or Beta Testing: Grant VIP's/Donors early access to upcoming updates, new features, or beta testing phases, allowing them to provide feedback and shape the future of the server, website and the community.
6. Support and Assistance: Offer dedicated support or assistance to VIP's/Donors, ensuring they receive prompt help with any server-related issues or inquiries.
7. VIP/Donor-Only Forums: Set up private forums or sections on the community website where VIP's/Donors can discuss server-related topics, suggest ideas, and engage in discussions with other VIP's/Donors and staff members.
8. VIP/Donor Badge/Rank: Assign a special badge or rank to VIP's/Donors, which is displayed next to their username on the forum. This distinguishes them from regular members and recognizes their support.
9. Increased Private Message (PM) Storage: Extend the PM storage capacity for VIP's/Donors, allowing them to store more private messages compared to regular members.
10. Name Formatting: Allow VIP's/Donors to use custom name formatting options in their forum username, such as different colors, bold or italic text, or special symbols, making their username stand out.
11. Sneak Peeks and Behind-the-Scenes Content: Provide VIP's/Donors with exclusive access to behind-the-scenes content, such as upcoming forum features, design previews, or insider updates about community developments. This makes them feel involved and valued.
12. Name Change Ability: Allow VIP's/Donors to change their forum username or display name at any time. This feature provides them with flexibility and the ability to update their online identity as they desire. They can adapt their username to reflect their evolving interests or personal preferences, enhancing their engagement and sense of ownership within the community.
13. Delete Own Post: Allow VIP's/Donors the possibility to delete their own created posts if they want to.

[oD] Team